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I haven’t posted art in a while because… well, I haven’t been drawing. first it was finals and then it was post-finals hibernation. I do feel bad about it though so I might as well show what one of my projects was!

We were supposed to make an educational game and I jokingly suggested constellations which my group took totally seriously and oh god why is space taking over my life

The objective of the game is to choose a base to start from (one of the 8 planets) then to go to different constellations and asteroids on the board to get supplies to build stars. Once you build a star and bring it back to your base, you can change it into a pin, and put the pin in your constellation pincushion. AKA, you’re building constellations with pins and pincushions. The players choose a constellation to build at the beginning - some are easy, some are really damn hard (looking at you, orion) but all the players work in 2 teams and both teams choose the same constellation to build.

I was in charge of the constellation cards and the constellation pincushions. The pincushions are actually those felt sliders that you stick to the bottom of furniture to move it around easier - the sticky side has black fabric. You can’t tell  unless you’re looking really really closely and already know its a felt slider.


(please ignore my bg of tennis, baseball, and cheezits)

this is an example of a pincushion before i painted in the brightest star of the constellation… can you tell what constellation this is? (its ok i couldn’t either)


ta da its an incredibly derpy orion! its… a lot better than this in the final version, i swear. also the brightest star in orion is Rigel, in the bottom right (on the final version, its marked as a giant blue dot)

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